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An urgent connection between all medical departments in Bulgaria


We need an urgent connection between all pathological units in the country.
Emergency connection between all departments of surgery, medical oncology, radiotherapy, etc.

In the digital era and digital society, the rupture of oncology units in Bulgaria is awed and even worse, it signals the strong backwardness of our society as such. Today, it is perfectly normal for patients to travel around the country and search for their own research to demand from bureaucratic administrations.

And if the latter is the little evil in the whole chain, waiting in front of cabinets and rooms for histological results is a „crime“ of unimaginable scale.
Absurdity is that today you need a bunch of paper and disks to look at a particular case and make a competent decision. Adding to the complexity of some distinct / individual cases, it takes a lot of time to make the right decision.
Today, a system can be developed to help medical doctors quickly orient themselves in the patient’s clinical picture without having to roam through paper stacks, not only morally but also technically outdated. Keeping a database for a particular patient only in one institution is backward by any criteria. Today, in practice, we are moving on an obsolete track entirely suited to the 1950s, but not for the time we live now.

Therefore, we must:

1. Full synchronization of all blood and imaging studies of each patient so that each doctor has access to them.
2. Full synchronization of all pathological findings of each patient without the possibility of delay and waiting for their receipt. Absolute results can be digitized and uploaded in accordance with all rules of good medical practice and personal data protection.

This will achieve:

1. Acceleration of the diagnostic process by the treating team;
2. Preserve the multidisciplinary approach without requiring all members of committees and commissions to be in the same building;
3. Faster treatment of the patient and setting up the most appropriate treatment.
4.Appropriate keeping of statistics on the incidence and mortality of oncological diseases in BG. Today, such statistics are absent … by politicians and doctors.

What do we all gain by introducing a similar unified system for full access to patient information?

Nowadays, what happens as a diagnosis and treatment in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv or anywhere else, should sometimes be handed to a doctor in another city instead of just simply opening the files in the already built system and looking the necessary information without delay and losing his or her time to the patient. There is nowhere to look at files for a patient who came from another hospital.
I leave calculations for the lost time in the run of any documentation and the absurdity of this case.

I leave aside the fragile ego of many doctors who oppose such a system. It is needed more than ever.
Everything listed above is a must in order to reduce the burden of oncology, which daily causes many doctors and their patients.

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